Dirty Hole
  Pretty When You Cry
  I'm Dying
  Three Doors
  The Nile's Edge
  Somewhere Else To Be

VAST is:
Jon Crosby
: vocals, guitar. bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, programming/ James Lo: drums/ Steven Garver: drums/ Alan Elliott: strings/ Fred Maher: drums, programming/ Sarah St. Ambrogio: cello

Visual Audio Sensory Theater

The soundscape that is VAST caught me completely off guard. I was in my car, listening half-heartedly to the radio when I heard "Touched" (the second song on the CD) Inexorably and unconsciously I was drawn in by this Siren song. From then on I was hooked. I bought the CD and it traveled with me from my house, to my car, to the gym for several weeks on end.

As a conceptual whole, VAST has an almost film-soundtrack quality. It leads you through moods of aggression, tenderness, raunch, love, lust, hate and sanctuary.

It is complex with a fusion of many styles of music: a blend of electric and acoustic guitars, an 18-piece orchestra, stark pounding drums, samples of Gregorian chants, the wails form the group Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, electronic rhythms, and threatening hypnotic vocals. It is a strange composite that holds together completely.

You can get a taste of each track on the CD by clicking on the instant music QuickClip previews on the left side of this page (you need to have the Beatnik Plug-in installed!). If you like what you hear, you can hear longer (but slow to download!) MPEG samples and buy the CD at

Touched, you say that I am too - so much, of what you say is true - I'll never find someone quite like you again - I'll never find someone quite like you, like you - the razors and the dying roses - plead I don't leave you alone - the demi-gods and hungry ghosts - oh god, god knows I'm not at home - I'll never find someone quite like you again - I'll never find someone quite like you again - I, I looked into your eyes and saw - a world that does not exist - I looked into your eyes and saw - a world I wish I was in - I'll never find someone quite as touched as you - I'll never love someone quite the way - that I - loved you

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